BIG Fremont Community Vision

The BIG Fremont visioning process was a community-wide sharing of the ideas, needs and hopes necessary for the economic and social revitalization of Fremont. Over a two year period from July 2012 through June 2014, interviews with focus groups, community leaders and residents provided this information. The BIG Fremont Steering Committee guided this activity and the preparation of a report containing a summary of this data, along with other information regarding our community and the operation of Fremont City government.  General themes and areas of development priority were identified from the data and included in the report for use in future strategic planning work.

The entire BIG Fremont Plan report is available below. Also available is an Executive Summary of the information contained in the report and a copy of the remarks made by Economic Development Director, Joe Smith, about “where we go from here.”

BIG Fremont Plan

Executive Summary   

Chapter 1    Introduction     

Chapter 2:   Background and Setting 

Chapter 3:   Fremont's Demographics   

Chapter 4:   Local Economic Development   

Chapter 5:   Economic Development   

Chapter 6:   City Services and Finances   

Chapter 7:   Quality of Life and Sense of Place   

Chapter 8:   Selling and Sustaining Fremont    


Where Do We Go From Here? 


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