CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS are recorded by EVERYDAY PRODUCTIONS.  Visit to view the meetings online or watch the meetings on TIME WARNER CABLE CHANNEL 5.

Jamie Hafford President 419-680-6479
Tom Knisely Councilman-at-Large 419-332-5066
Rick Zilch Councilman-at-Large 419-307-5703
Denny Otte Councilman-at-Large 419-334-4219
Mike Koebel 1st Ward Councilman 419-332-5300
Kathy Stout 2nd Ward Councilman 419-332-9442
Angie Ruiz 3rd Ward Councilman 419-332-0405
Tony Taylor 4th Ward Councilman 419-307-4522
Stephanie Martin Council Clerk 419-332-3677

City Council Committee Assignments 2013-2014
City Council Committee Descriptions 2012-2013

Precinct Map