The Street Department consists of five full-time employees, a foreman, superintendent, and four part-time college employees during the summer.  A full-time auto mechanic keeps the city's fleet of vehicles in top working condition.


  • Maintains, grades and berms city alleys
  • Blacktop water/sewer excavations
  • Picks up curbed leaves and bagged leaves during the fall
  • Removes snow and ice from city streets
  • Mows over 65 acres of city right-of-ways
  • Maintains & programs all city traffic signals
    Maintains, replaces, installs & fabricates street signs
  • Provides traffic control for road repairs and emergencies
  • Assists the Parks Department with brush pick-up
    Sweeps city streets
    Provides weed control on all guardrails and fence rows
  • Removes dead animals within the city

2012 Annual Report  

2013 Annual Report   

2014 Annual Report