The Water and Sewer Maintenance Department consists of 14 men divided into 3 crews: Water Maintenance, Sewer Maintenance and Water Meter/Service.

Water Maintenance
• Installs new service lines
• Repairs old service lines
• Installs new water mains and valves
• Maintains approximately 129 miles of 2" to 24" water mains and 670 fire hydrants
• Replaces and repairs fire hydrants
• Flushes water mains to maintain water quality 

Sewer Maintenance
• Maintains and operates approximately 110 miles of various size sewers, such as 418,580 feet of combination sewers, over
60,000 feet of storm sewers, 3,100 manhole, and 5,300 catch basins
• Repairs and replaces catch basins
• Repairs and replaces manholes
• Maintains various drainage ditches

Water Meter/Service
• Installs water meters and remotes
• Inspects backflow prevention equipment
• Reads industrial and residential meters
• Shuts off service to delinquent customers

Backflow Prevention Program

The City of Fremont conducts water use surveys to ensure the safety of the public water supply. These surveys determine if there are potential hazards and backflow prevention devices are needed.

An approved backflow prevention device shall be installed on each service for the following types of facilities, unless it is determined that no health, pollutional, or system hazard to the public water system exists:
• Hospitals, mortuaries, clinics, nursing homes
• Laboratories
• Piers, docks, waterfront facilities
• Sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, or storm water pumping stations
• Food or beverage processing plants
• Chemical plants
• Metal plating industries
• Petroleum processing or storage plants
• Radioactive material processing plants or nuclear reactors
• Car washes
• Other specified by the Safety Director