NOTICE: Sand Docks Closed to Public Fishing

The Fremont Water Pollution Control Center will be undergoing a major renovation beginning in the spring of 2013 and lasting until at least the beginning of 2016.  The reason for the renovation is to increase the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Facility from 10 million gallons per day up to 24 million gallons per day.  This increase in capacity will significantly reduce the number of combined sewer overflows from the City of Fremont’s combined sewer system resulting in improvements to the water quality of the Sandusky River and downstream environments.  Due to construction activities that will take place at the Fremont Water Pollution Control Center and to ensure public safety, public access to the popular fishing location known as the Sand Docks will be closed until further notice.  This fishing location is just to the southeast of the Fremont Water Pollution Control Center at the end of Sand Road.


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The Division of Water Pollution Control is made up of two departments:
Water Pollution Control Operations and Plant & Floodwall Maintenance. 

Water Pollution Control Center is Responsible For:

  • Treatment of wastewater to comply with NPDES permit
  • Maintenance and operation of the plant building and equipment
  • Maintenance and operation of the 23 pump stations located throughout the sewer system
  • Maintenance and operation of the Flood Protection System

2012 Annual Report  

2013 Annual Report     

2014 Annual Report   

    2009 Operational Status of the Water Pollution Control Center Plant
    Annual Daily Average Flow - 4.981 million gallons per day
    Peak Flow - 9.530 million gallons per day

    Industrial Pretreatment Program
    Fremont's industries have an impact on the sewage collection and treatment system. Permits must be issued to the companies that discharge a large quantity of water or has potential problem-causing or toxic elements.

Information on the City of Fremont's Industrial Pretreatment program can be downloaded from the list below.  

2010 Monthly Effluent Analysis

2008 - 2010 Yearly Flow Comparison

Industrial Pretreatment Program

Wastewater Treatment Plant History

NPDES Permit

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Information