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Dear Resident,

Good afternoon. Ben Cutler here from Columbia Gas of Ohio. Want to let you all know that we are getting set to kick off a natural gas pipeline replacement project in Fremont. Crews will be replacing aging gas lines with about 14,000 feet of new plastic pipe serving roughly 350 homes.

All residents on the construction route should have received the attached mailer, along with an email. We’ve been in coordination with the engineering department and Mr. Frost on details, but want to ensure you all are in the loop as well. As the project gets underway, I’ll be the primary contact for any questions and concerns that arise from city hall and/or residents. Feel free to share my contact information publicly as well. Hope to keep you all from getting stuck in the middle of any conversations.

Please note, we also have two virtual public meetings scheduled – one tomorrow evening (3/30) at 5:30 PM and the second Wednesday 3/31 at Noon. Dial-in information included below as well as in the attached mailer.

Weblink –


Phone – 1-203-607-0564 (Toll) or 1-866-692-3580 (Toll-Free)
Access Code: 173 694 5189