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Diversity & Inclusion


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is an educational, advocacy, and compliance department of the City of Fremont. Through education we will partner with Terra Community College and Fremont City Schools to offer inclusive trainings, programs, and services to the community. Through advocacy we focus our efforts to eliminate barriers to mental health access in partnership with the Board of Mental Health of Seneca, Sandusky, and Wyandot Counties. Through compliance we partner with the City’s Safety Service Director to ensure inclusive hiring practices & trainings, and the Community Relations Commission to review citizens’ concerns.

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Courageous Conversations

The 2021 Courageous Conversation Series will be posted shortly.

Diversity & Inclusion Areas of Focus:

The workflow will focus on the following areas:

1. City of Fremont

  1. Department Head Trainings
  2. Inclusive Hiring Practices
  3. Community Relations Commission
  4. Diversity Strategic Planning Committee
  5. Minority Economic Development
  6. Courageous Conversations Programs

2. Mental Health

  1. Bridges Out of Poverty Program
  2. Barbershop Talk – Programming for minority male mental health
  3. Sister Circle – Programming for minority women mental health
  4. Faith Based Community – Partnering with local pastors to provide education and access for mental health and addiction resources to the minority community.

3. Community

  1. Support inclusive initiatives through civic organizations such as NAACP, NAMINI, etc.
  2. Enhance the City’s community of cultural/heritage through the Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning Committee
  3. Offer training to the community
  4. Engage with community agencies

4. Fremont City Schools & Terra Community College

  1. Create Programs & Services geared towards the underserved population

Roll-Out Plan

Our roll-out plan will be in four stages as follows:

Stage 1: Listen: Listening sessions through Courageous Conversations

Stage 2: Strategize: Create Taskforce & Committees to develop a Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

Stage 3: Implement: Implement strategy from taskforce and committee recommendations

Stage 4: Access: Modify the implementation as needed through various forms of assessment

City-Wide Diversity Strategic Planning Committee:

The Diversity Strategic Planning Committee will consist of members of the community. More information is forthcoming regarding the committee’s purpose and committee selection.

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