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Grant Guidelines for Entertainment Venues, Lodging, Restaurants and New Businesses Announced Today, with Applications Beginning Tuesday

Guidelines are posted for four grant programs providing $155 million in non-repayable funding to entertainment venues, hotels and other lodging businesses, food and beverage establishments, and businesses that opened in 2020. The funds were established through bills passed in May.  

Free SBDC Webinar on Employee Retention

With all the talk of the 2021 employee tsunami more than ever the importance of retaining employees is being discussed. Take some actionable steps and learn strategies, both short and long term, in engaging and retaining employees in this two-hour offering. The prediction of one in every four employees changing jobs in the next 12 months and the negative impact it can have on you and your company warrants an investment in learning how to save yourself and your company both time and money by keeping those you have and creating loyalty with those you hire.

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An Economic Growth
Development Plan 2019-2028

The Economic Development & Community Growth Plan for the City of Fremont is meant as a guide toward improving our community. While driven by the City of Fremont, this plan accounts for the Fremont Community, meaning the neighboring townships and those residents choosing to make Fremont, Ohio their home.


There are a lot of exciting things going in Fremont for business. You’re seeing more businesses use advanced technologies which is attracting a new younger workforce.

Tim Ellenberger, Motion Controls Robotics

Fremont is a great place to do business because of the people. You have people with strong work ethic who all bring different skill sets to support any type of business in our community.

Mike Mullholand, Freeman

Downtown Fremont is a destination. We have great shopping, restaurants and events like the farmer's markets. The growth and change is made possible because of the collaboration you’re seeing from local officials and our residents.

Kristie Bilger, Downtown Fremont, Inc.,

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