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Engineering & Zoning


The City of Fremont’s Engineering & Zoning Department welcomes you to our new webpage which we hope you find informational and useful. Our department is working diligently to serve our residents, businesses and industry to provide safe, reliable and quality infrastructure and utilities for everyone in and around the City.

As the City Engineer, I have been fortunate to have worked in this field for 20 years and feel the Engineering and Zoning Department is committed to providing outstanding services. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if there is anything I or my team can do for you.

Engineering Services

  • Advises the Mayor, Service Director, Council and other City Departments on technical and construction projects related to capital improvements and City infrastructure projects.
  • Coordinates, designs and manages City capital improvement and infrastructure projects throughout the City including water lines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, roadway, intersection, signalization and other projects.
  • Performs construction management, bidding, cost estimating and inspection of City infrastructure projects.
  • Prepares various grant applications for Local, State and Federal programs.
  • Reviews and permits commercial & industrial site developments as well as subdivisions.
  • Provides recommendations and approvals for various lot modifications as well as annexations of property into the City of Fremont.
  • Reviews and permits all franchise utility requests to place various infrastructure in the City’s Right-of-Way.

Zoning Services

The City of Fremont has a Zoning Department and contracts with Sandusky County and SafeBuilt as the buildings department overseeing non-residential building permits and Building Code enforcement. Details can be found here:

  • Issues various zoning permits including accessory structure, signage, fence, curb cuts, garage sale and other permits.
  • Prepares scheduling, agendas, documentation, minutes, mailings and other items in preparation of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.
  • Assists residents, businesses and industry with interperting the City Zoning Code.
  • Prepares and provides recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on Ordinance changes.
  • Issues zoning violations and performs zoning code enforcement throughout the City.
  • Works with various contractors in efforts to correct of code violations, such as grass cutting, property clean ups and building demolitions.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Gene Yeager
Erica Williams
Tom Lewis
Steve Sturbaum
Jennifer Szymanoski
Brandy Kreider


The Engineering depart is currently starting a GIS system to map and inventory the City’s infrastructure systems.

Zoning Map

Engineering & Zoning Department


Codified Ordinances:

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