Thank you for visiting the Finance page of the City of Fremont website! The function of the City’s finances is a joint effort between two separately elected officials – the City Auditor and the City Treasurer.

The Auditor’s Office functions under the direction of City Auditor, Paul Grahl. Mr. Grahl has over 15 years of experience in public accounting and auditing, having worked for the Ohio Auditor of State for 12 years, and serving as City Auditor since December 2012. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Heidelberg University.

The City Auditor, serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the City of Fremont, shall keep the books of the city and exhibit accurate statements of all moneys received and expended, of all property owned by the city and the income derived therefrom, and of all taxes and assessments. The Auditor’s Office maintains the financial records for the City which includes, but it not limited to, the central collection of all revenues, the issuing of non-payroll checks to vendors for goods and services received, the payroll function for all City employees, and maintaining the City’s general ledger and cash fund balances.

The Treasurer’s Office functions under the direction of City Treasurer, Holly Elder. Ms. Elder has over 29 years of experience in business management. Her professional experiences encompass 12 years in corporate retail management, 5 years of bookkeeping for a private school, maintaining private, as well as State monies, 15 years as sole proprietress of her interior design business, and serving as City Treasurer since January 2008. Holly earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Merchandising & Design from Bowling Green State University.

The City Treasurer shall keep accurate account of all moneys received and all disbursements by the City. The Treasurer’s accounting of the City’s financial records also includes a monthly statement of City funds which lists the month’s receipts, disbursements and the Treasurer’s balances of all City funds. The Treasurer’s ending fund balances are then reconciled with the Auditor’s ending fund balances each month and the total cash balances are also reconciled to the total of all the City’s bank balances and investments.


  1. Maintains the financial records of the City
  2. Central collection of all revenues
  3. Issuance of non-payroll checks to vendors for goods and services received
  4. Payroll function for all City employees
  5. Monthly reconciliations

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