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Thank you for visiting the City of Fremont Streets Department webpage. I encourage you to take the opportunity to embrace all of the things that we are involved with. I truly love the City of Fremont. I was born and raised in this city. So I have a vested interest in seeing this city thrive for years to come. The Streets Department has to rely heavily on the Team concept. We have an undersized unit that puts out big results. Our staff consists of a multitude of skill sets. It is comprised of five employees, one foreman, one vehicle maintenance mechanic and a superintendent. I’m proud to have been instrumental in hiring the majority of this workforce. Our Department works hand in hand with the other city departments. I have always been amazed how fluently all of these Departments work together. We all have the same goal, the same drive to make the City of Fremont your home!!


  • Maintain 219 lane miles of roads
  • Maintain 19.5 miles of city alleys
  • Maintain 45 signalized intersection. We diagnose, repair and program these intersections. We do outsource some work such as constructing or replacing an existing traffic signal
  • Maintain 51 downtown black street lamps and over 50 luminaires throughout the city
  • Blacktop all of the water & sewer excavations in the city
  • Cold mix potholes in the roadway
  • Plow and salt main routes, secondary streets, then if needed finish up with alleys
  • Provide Fall leaf pickup consisting of 2 complete rounds throughout the city. That also includes bagged leaf pickup
  • We crack seal the streets, city parking lots and the water & sewer excavations
  • We run two rounds a year with the street sweeper. This generally takes 6 weeks per round
  • Provide traffic control when needed in Emergency situations
  • Provide barricades & traffic cones for construction areas such as road closures, reduced lane restrictions, parades and the Downtown Farmer Markets
  • Maintain over 8000 signs throughout the city. We have a complete sign shop that we can design and create about any sign the city needs
  • Berming of non-curbed streets
  • Assisting the Parks Department in the Fall brush pickup
  • We trim alley ways and around our street signage
  • We mow and weed trim all of the City bypasses and right aways. We typically do this every other week from Spring to Fall
  • We spray herbicide 3 times a year maintaining the guardrails throughout the city. We also spray the city brick streets twice a year
  • We assist both the Police and Fire Departments
  • We oversee the entire fleet of vehicles and equipment for all city departments. We have a vehicle maintenance department with one city mechanic

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