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Water & Sewer Maintenance


The Water/Sewer Maintenance Department is a mini construction company that maintains the Water Distribution System, the Waste Water Collection System, the Storm Water Collection System and the Backflow Preventer program for the City of Fremont.

The distribution system consists over 135 miles of water mains, which range in size from 2” to 24”. Within this distribution system we have over 997 fire hydrants, 7,800 various residential and industrial services, 630 backflow prevention devices, one booster pump station, one 2 million gallon water tower (Cedar Street) and two 500,000 gallon water towers.(Walnut Street and Wilson Ave.)

The sewer collection system consists of approximately 110 miles of combination sewers, over 60,000 feet of storm sewers, 3000 manholes, 5300 catch basins, and various drainage ditches and holding ponds.


The responsibilities and duties of the Water/Sewer Maintenance Department are as follows:

1. Water Distribution Maintenance

  • Install and repair service lines.
  • Install new water mains and valves.
  • Make ¾” to 10’ water taps
  • Maintain approximately 135 miles of 2” thru 24” cast iron, ductile iron and PVC water mains with installation dated back to the early 1900’s.
  • Fire Hydrant replacement and repair.
  • Respond to water complaints (quality and pressure) from customers.
  • Locate water mains and services for contractors, individuals and other utilities (OUPS).
  • Assist other departments (Engineering, WTP, WPCC, etc) and outside contractors.
  • Assist Water Service Technicians, on an as needed basis.

2. Sewer Collection and Storm water Collection Systems

  • Install new sanitary/storm sewer mains, manholes and catch basins.
  • Maintenance and operation of approximately 110 miles of various size sewers.
  • Repair and replacement of storm water catch basins.
  • Repair and replace manholes.
  • Maintain various drainage ditches.
  • Routine and emergency cleaning of sewer’s and catch basins.
  • Respond and investigate sewer and sinkhole complaints (odor, plugged sewers, standing water, etc.)
  • Locate sewer mains and laterals (OUPS).


The Water/Sewer Maintenance Department added a position in 2015 to complete 2 crews of 4 personnel to each crew. By adding the additional person and completing the 2 crews it gives the department the capability to replace aging water mains due to poor water quality and still be able to maintain routine duties in the department. Also with the addition of the new person, the department can install a new water main for approximately $60.00 per foot for off street installation and $100.00 per foot for in street installation compared to having a new water main installed by a contractor that would cost the city approximately $150.00 per foot for off Street and close to $200.00 per foot for in street installation.

Other duties that the department is able to complete by the increase in manpower is assisting the Billing Utility Office with meter reading and meter installs, assist Dukes Root control to foam roots in the sewers that cause I & I in the sewer system, assist Aqua Line leak detection to inspect and check for leaks in half of the city every year, assist Adkins Sanitation in cleaning 1\4 on the city’s sewers each year and the Fire Department with fire flow testing. This is the second year in a row that it only took 1 month to complete the testing, when in previous years it has taken up to 4 months to complete. With this efficiency, the water quality complaints were reduced significantly.

Fremont City Water & Sewer Maintenance Department


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You should contact us for any water complaints dealing with the transportation of Drinking water, Storm water or Sanitary Sewer water issues.

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