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Water Treatment


Thank you for visiting the City of Fremont’s Water Treatment Plant webpage. This page contains information about the drinking water of Fremont.

The source for drinking water in Fremont is the Sandusky River. Water is pumped from the river to the Fremont Reservoir. Water flows by gravity from the Reservoir to the Treatment Plant. The Fremont Water Treatment plant capacity is 14 million gallons per day. The average water produced per day is 6.0 million gallons. The yearly daily maximum is 8.8 million gallons. The water produced meets or exceeds State and Federal regulations. Our goal is to produce the best quality of water possible for the citizens of Fremont.

On this page, you will find links to the history of our plant, water quality reports, and the annual report. I welcome any questions you may have concerning water treatment or the quality of the water produced at this facility.

Annual Reports