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The Safety Service Director of the City of Fremont is hereby accepting sealed bids until March 20, 2020 at 11:00 am for the City of Fremont Tower Lease for the real property described below consisting of approximately a 40 ft. by 70 ft. area for a 5 year period commencing May 1, 2020, and ending April 30, 2025.

Each bidder shall submit to the Office of the Safety Service Director, City of Fremont, 323 South Front Street, 3rd Floor, Fremont, Ohio 43420, in a sealed envelope marked “City of Fremont- Tower Lease”, the amount per square foot the bidder proposes for the lease of the land described below. Upon tabulation of the bids, those persons submitting bids shall have the right to raise their bid by public outcry at such The award shall be made to the bidder with the highest amount bid per square foot. Bids shall be submitted for the approximately 40 ft. by 70 ft. area to be used.

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