Recycling and Refuse

Recycling and Waste Collection Information

4005 Tiffin Avenue,
Sandusky OH 44870

Republic Services Customer Service 1-800-686-2454. Office Hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Full service includes one 95-gallon trash cart, 1-65 gallon recycling cart, full service price is $17.60 month billed quarterly.

Residents are reminded that recycling and waste carts must not be visible from the street while storing.

Contact Republic Services for additional disposal information at 1-800-686-2454. If you wish to exchange your waste cart for a different size, contact Republic Services after initial delivery.

If you are interested in recycling services, contact Republic Services for details. Bags and bulk tags can be purchased at Chuds Market, Kroger and The Friendship Store on Crossroads.

General Information

How to set out carts?

Place the carts on the side of the driveway approximately 3 feet from the curb with the arrows facing the street and at least 4 feet apart or on opposite sides of the driveway from each other.

When to set out carts?

Carts may be set out any time after 6:00 PM on the day before your collection day or by 7:00 AM on collection day. Carts should be removed from the curb within 12 hours after collection and cannot be visible from the street per city ordinances.

What if I have more trash than will fit in the cart?

Most household’s waste will fit easily in the cart as long as you are taking full advantage of the recycle cart. What if my cart is damaged or stolen? Contact Republic Services at 1-800-686-2454 for replacement details.

What if my cart is damaged or stolen?

Contact Republic Services at 1-800-686-2454 for replacement details.

What if the waste truck damages the cart?

Republic Services will repair or replace it free of charge.

Who owns the cart?

Republic Services maintains ownership of the carts. Should the home owner move, the carts should be left at the house.

What do I do with my old FSI cart?

Set your old cart out after you receive your new cart, and it will be removed.

How do I know when to set my recycling and waste carts out during a holiday week?

Recycling and waste material will be picked up on the same day each week EXCEPT when a holiday falls on or before your regular pick up day. Then, your recycling and waste materials will be collected one day later.

Holidays that affect collections

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Waste Rules & Regulations

Automated Curbside Waste Collection

Cart deliveries will begin the week of September 26. The 95-gallon trash cart will be delivered to each residential address currently signed up for service.

What to put in the blue cart?

All household waste that will fit in the cart with the lid closed. Household waste must be bagged.

What not to put in blue cart?

Hazardous waste, paint, chemicals, motor oil, liquids, dead animals, hot ashes, large car parts, tires or car batteries. Small amounts of debris like plaster and drywall are acceptable.

What do I do with my old unwanted household furniture and miscellaneous household junk, appliances, etc.?

Every Wednesday, bulk items such as household furniture, appliances and miscellaneous unwanted household items can be placed at the curb. A $15.00 tag must be placed on the bulk item. You must also call customer service to schedule.

Remember that when placing an old refrigerator at the curb, the doors must be removed and placed next to the refrigerator; Freon must be removed also.

Is there anything that Republic does not collect from the curb?

Tires, motor oil, liquids, paint, contractor debris, or loose materials (not packaged or contained properly).

Recycling Rules & Regulations


A Blue 65-gallon recycling cart with a light blue lid will be delivered the week of September 26. Current customers’ residential dwellings that receive Republic Services municipal solid waste collection services will be able to place all of their recyclables in the cart provided. There is no need to place recyclables in plastic bags prior to placing them in the blue cart. Bag customers need to call to receive the recycling carts.

Curbside Recycling

Acceptable Materials
  • Newspapers: The entire newspaper, including inserts.
  • Aluminum, steel, and bimetal cans: Food and beverage cans only.
  • Glass: bottles & jars: Food and beverage containers only.
  • Plastic: Food and beverage containers marked #1 through #7.
  • Plastic: Detergent and soap containers marked #1 through #7.
  • Please rinse all containers listed above.
  • Misc paper: Magazines, junk mail, cardboard & paperboard (milk, orange juice type cartons, cereal boxes & clean pizza boxes).
Do Not Recycle
  • Containers with excessive foods or liquids still in the containers.
  • Containers that contain hazardous materials such as oil or anti-freeze.
  • Styrofoam, aluminum foil, pie tins, etc.
  • Light bulbs, ceramics, china, etc.
  • Plastic wrap, plastic bags, flower pots, toys, etc.
  • Scrap metal, car parts, batteries, etc.
  • Do not place any yard waste in blue recycling cart